Hi, I’m Jim!

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Thanks for stopping by. I’m humbled and thankful you’ve decided to spend some time with me!

If this is your first time visiting, I will take a wild guess that one of these sentences describes you:

  • You’ve just started hearing about the Keto Diet and want to find out what all the fuss is about.
  • You are interested in losing weight and improving your health and are considering trying a Ketogenic Diet to achieve your goals.
  • You’re already following the Keto lifestyle and are looking for more information to add to your knowledge base (and maybe something to help convince your friends and family you’re not nuts 🙂 ).

If any of these apply to you, then I humbly believe you’ve found the web’s best resource to:

  • Help you quickly get up to speed on the Ketogenic Diet. (Check out our tutorials and in-depth articles about the basics of Keto.)
  • Provide you with unbiased information about the pros and cons of the Keto Diet. (We don’t give medical advice and we don’t try to convince anyone to try Keto, but we do share the latest scientific research so you can work with your healthcare professional to make the best decisions for your situation.)
  • Share tons of great information for the Keto’er — recipes, how-to guides, research, Keto news and more. (We’ll do our best to make you feel good about yourself — after all, if you’re nuts, that means we’re right there with you!)

Whatever your reasons for stopping by, I want you to know that I developed KetogenicDiet.org as a way to share all that I’ve learned on my Keto journey — with motivated people, like you!

If you read nothing beyond this point, then let me leave you with this — the Ketogenic Diet is flat out the absolute BEST diet I’ve personally tried or seen any of my friends & family try.

I’ve literally NEVER seen anyone NOT lose weight while following the Ketogenic Diet. It’s honestly THAT effective!

“I developed this website as a way to share all that I’ve learned on my Keto journey — with motivated people, like you!”

So, who am I and why should you listen to me about the Keto Diet?

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Well. . . I’m not a doctor, scientist or nutritionist. I don’t have a PhD or wear a white lab coat to work. But, what I do have going for me is a massive amount of first-hand, real-world experience with Keto.

I’m someone who’s been following the Ketogenic Diet longer than most anyone you’ll ever meet or read about. I’ve experienced, firsthand, how the diet COMPLETELY transformed my body and brought me back from the brink of obesity.

I’ve suffered through the diet’s pitfalls (yes, every diet has some) and found ways to avoid, or minimize, them. Through years of trial and error — actually living the Keto lifestyle — I’ve figured out what works, and what doesn’t.

I’m passionate about health and fitness and am dedicated to spreading the message to as many folks as I can.

Now, I can’t guarantee your success on Keto — everyone’s different — but I would be genuinely shocked to hear of anyone not shedding unwanted pounds while properly following the Keto Diet. (A little cocky? It’s not cocky if I believe it! 🙂 )

While the Ketogenic Diet is decades old, its popularity is skyrocketing. That’s because it works and it’s easier to stick to than most any other diet out there.

Here’s why I love this lifestyle and have been following it for years:

  • Keto allows me to eat delicious foods that 99% of other diets tell me to avoid.
  • It’s the easiest diet I’ve EVER followed — mainly because it quenches my food cravings.
  • It improves my energy and mental clarity, more so than other diets I’ve tried, such as low-fat, calorie restricted diets (which left me constantly lethargic and anxiously waiting for my next meal).
  • It shredded my stubborn belly fat, allowing me to have abs for the first time in my life.
  • The diet makes my skin vibrant and my hair luscious (or so my girlfriend tells me 🙂 ).
  • I’ve been able to build muscle while dropping fat. (I’ve never been able to do that before!)
  • For me, Keto isn’t a diet — it’s a way of eating I can follow for the rest of my life (something I can’t say about ANY other diet I’ve ever tried)!

I can’t guarantee this will be your experience but it’s the ONLY diet I’ve tried that allowed me to have visible abs. (As someone who carries fat around my stomach, this might be my favorite benefit.)

For the most part, Keto allows you to eat as much you’d like. Can you name another diet that recommends you eat until you’re full?!

“I would be genuinely shocked to hear of anyone not shedding pounds while following the Ketogenic Diet!”

The sneaky thing about weight-gain is that it doesn’t happen overnight. If it did, we wouldn’t have an obesity problem in America.

No, obesity is usually the result of years (and years) of overeating.

What happens with most people is they eat slightly above their Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) over an extended period of time which gradually adds pounds over months and years.

Many people don’t even realize they’re overweight. Often, it’s a comment or a social media photo that provides the wake-up call.

That’s what got me started on my Keto journey. A friend tagged me in a Facebook photo and I was shocked to see how much weight I had gained. After being an athlete in high school and college, I’d let myself go and didn’t realize just how bad it had gotten.

“That’s what got me started on my Keto journey. A friend tagged me in a Facebook photo and I was shocked to see how much weight I had gained!”

That was my big wake-up call. For the first time in my life, I decided I had to go on a diet.

I didn’t know the first thing about dieting, so I did what most folks do — I read books, ebooks, websites, forums — you name it. I was desperately trying to gather every bit of information I could.

Long story short, it was a disaster. I tried a bunch of diets (some of them were ridiculous). Most didn’t work at all and I never lost any significant weight. Others would work for a while, but they were so restrictive that I couldn’t stick with them. I’d give up and gain all the weight back (and usually a little extra).

Finally, in a giant stroke of luck, I stumbled on an article talking about this “new” diet the author called the “Ketogenic Diet.” After reading the article, I decided to give this “new” diet a try and headed for the grocery store.

“I’ve done my best to bring together all the resources you’ll need to be successful on your Keto journey!”

That was many years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. I dove head-first into the world of Keto!

And even though I had quick success on Keto, there were still some bumps along the way.

(What I didn’t realize then, is that there are plenty of hacks, tips and “tricks” that can help make the Keto Diet much easier and more enjoyable to follow.)

Even though I was losing pounds, I knew I could do better!

So, I decided to become an expert on the Ketogenic Diet. I studied every piece of Keto research I could find and used myself as a testing, guinea pig to try out what I was learning.

The result of all that research and experimentation is that I was able to separate fact from fiction (and there is a LOT of Keto fiction out there) and find out for myself, exactly what worked for me.

Because I love sharing what I’ve learned with others, I made it my mission to help as many people as possible along their Keto Diet journey.

And that’s how this website — KetogenicDiet.org — was born. I’ve done my best to bring together all the resources you need to be successful on your Keto journey!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards achieving your health and fitness goals!

I invite you to spend time exploring my website and all the information I’ve brought together for you.

(If you’re ready to try the Keto Diet for yourself, you’ll want to start by downloading The Keto Diet Quickstart Guide here!)

Welcome to our Keto community and congratulations for taking the first step towards achieving your health and fitness goals!

– Jim